Skylink is a sister brand to Trentbarton, a fast connection between Derby, Loughborough, Leicester and East Midlands Airport. It is well known as an airport shuttle, but in order to grow the market for local travel between the cities I started with an advertising campaign on the rears of the buses to promote how much better the service is in comparison to driving. This had to do two things; show people it’s not just an airport shuttle (whilst not putting people off using it to get to the airport), and tempt people to desire a commute with free WiFi and power sockets, so they can be productive in ways they can’t be in their cars.


The printed guide is not just a map and timetable as it had been previously. There are local destination guides to encourage days out, and promotion throughout of the on-board features on the new Mercedes buses, as well as reminders to engage with social media.


Skylink website.