Therapy hour.

A candid conversation, rarely open to inquisitive ears.

Enter the Private Practice; the podcast that gives you a free pass to access all areas of the conscious and subconscious.

James and Daniel provide small doses of the ideas in psychoanalysis which can help you better understand yourself and others, and feel more purposeful every day. We’re not the Freuds and Kleins of our generation, we’re simply talking about the ideas which are universally relevant, and if you find any subject of particular interest, these podcasts will point you in the direction of further reading.

It's not entirely serious.

It must be emphasised that the sessions are not representative of professional psychoanalytic practice. While Daniel has a professional medical background, he likes to mock James at every opportunity, something which is generally frowned upon at Shrink School.

If nothing else, listening to James talk will likely give you an elevated sense of being, as you compare yourself favourably to his shortcomings.

New for 2019!
Episodes released on an ad-hoc basis. 

The autiste in James likes regular series with episodes released weekly therein. The chaos in Dan likes to be as organic as his allotment, releasing episodes as and when we make them. It seems you neither know nor care when we decide a series is, so Dan wins.

This podcast is free. There are no adverts and there is no sponsored content.

Put it in your ears.

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Collection No.1

In the original series of Private Practice Podcast, each episode is presented as a spoof therapy session, in which James has his introduction to psychoanalysis and comes to terms with some of the ideas playing on his mind.

Collection No.2

This continued from the first series of Private Practice Podcast, building on the idea that anxiety is better out than in. Some contextual episodes about James’ background were included. At the end of this series the episodes began to introduce ideas in psychoanalysis, as opposed to James’ own ideas, starting with emphasis on the most important aspect of therapy; the here and now.

Collection No.3

In a sudden departure from regular episodes, James decided to leave the country mid-way through recording series 3 (episodes which were then saved for series 4). So this is a collection of travel diaries, audio “pod-cards”, between James in various places around Europe, and Dan in London.

If you’re mainly interested in the ideas in psychotherapy, you can skip these!

Collection No.4

New for 2019! ‘Ideas in Psychoanalysis’ series. Episodes on subjects including, Paranoia, Phantasy and The Unconscious coming soon.


Private Practice has nothing to do with any other Dan Brown or James Hall (including this one). Additionally, it has nothing to do with Grey’s Anatomy, anything “private”, or anything which might conceivably be considered a “practice”.

Production support courtesy of no one. 

If you take issue with any of this, please don’t hesitate to scribble it all furiously with a red felt tip pen, and fax it somewhere.