Keeping people on their toes since 1987

From the age of 13, for a decade, I appointed myself as Editor of a small magazine called Daydream. There was only ever one reader, and she loved it.

By the time it got to my final year at university I had to give up publishing for a bit, because I was writing spoof documentaries (and attempting to convey magic and mime acts) for student radio. All this climaxed with winning a national Student Radio Association Award at a fancy-pants ceremony in the O2. Some would say I peaked too soon, but I’d already won an “Oscar” for a short film I made at Sixth Form, and it got a big screen premiere at the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse cinema.

Nowhere left to go? All burned out at 23?

I decided not. What followed was a year of journalism and two years learning to write screenplays, until I found myself one evening making a fantasy map, and thought, most people watch stuff on Netflix to unwind. So I contacted the designer of some of my favourite maps, and what do you know – before long I was designing a network map for buses in Northampton. Finally, I peaked. 

Or did I? Don't let me stop you from thrusting me into my next upwards trajectory.