Episode 26: Noël House Party


Dan and James are back together to lift your spirits with a bigger-er, bumper-er Christmas Special. Life lessons are learned and wisdom is imparted in this episode, but really you just want to know who wins the Sack Game this year. What better way to soothe all the anxiety created by the hyper-consumerism of Christmas, than to numb yourself with James telling a story about getting his foot wet, and Dan shouting names of cheeses? Thanks to "Petit Suisse" for contributions to this episode, and to Archive.org and the Free Music Archive, for helping it to be sprinkled with novelty audio decoration. There's a loose end about how flamingoes get their colour, but you can find that somewhere else on the Internet — something to do with eating Prawns?

Free Music Archive:

Sleigh Ride Party, Jingle Bells [1898] by Edison Male Quartette
Jingle Bells by Podington Bear
Jazzy Bells by Dee Yan-Key
Santa on Tour by Dee Yan-Key

Archive [dot] org:

Joy to the World
Silent Night (Dark Piano Version)