London Midland trains

In September 2015 London Midland launched a brand new campaign. They wanted to give people an emotional reason to travel. They also wanted to highlight the many varied places on their network, as well as reminding people of their low prices; they wanted to convey three messages at once. I was approached initially just to design posters based on a pre-existing idea, but there were massive holes in the way the campaign was going. It needed a hierarchy of information, and an engaging, memorable idea. I quickly realised a conceptual role was required, not just a visual makeover. Within a month I had a brand new concept to pitch to them, having never done anything like this before, and fortunately the big cheeses invested in my idea. 

The three words, YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK, represent ownership of the destinations, the reason people want to travel to see friends & family, and the choice of places on offer, beyond just London and Birmingham. I insisted this was not a sign-off, and should replace all headline copy. If there had to be three destinations and prices on most of the materials, these three words would convey the main idea as efficiently as possible, and let the images do the rest of the talking.

I have subsequently headed up a rebranding of their external comms and updated their brand guidelines. Here are examples from the campaign.


A grey day in Birmingham, with a very large "media eye". I made storyboards and created all the visual materials for this animated digital ad at Birmingham New Street station.


These are early examples from development.


I briefed Global Radio with the campaign concept and approved all radio ads throughout the campaign, fine tuning grammar and stripping out unnecessary words.


Station poster.