Therapy hour.

A candid, trusting and exclusive conversation, rarely open to inquisitive ears. Give yours a dose of the Private Practice podcast and acquire a free pass to access all areas of the conscious and subconscious, diving into pools of ideas and feelings within the oasis of psychotherapy. James sinks into Daniel’s lips-shaped sofa every week to talk frankly about subjects we all have playing on our minds. James is in minimal ways afraid of damaging what little reputation he holds together, while Daniel steadies this force of output with professional insight, unorthodox cogitation, a calming demeanour, and the occasional human failing.

It's not entirely serious.

It must be emphasised that the sessions are not fully representative of professional practice. If you enjoy the ideas and the occasional rampant tangent, then hopefully these series of episodes will encourage you to consider more satisfyingly your own thoughts, and share them with the people you like (we must all suffer for our friendships). If nothing else, listening to James talk will likely give you an elevated sense of being, as you compare yourself favourably to his shortcomings.

Episodes released weekly during each series. 

This podcast is free. There are no adverts and there is no sponsored content.

Put it in your ears.


Private Practice has nothing to do with any other Dan Brown or James Hall (including this one). Additionally, it has nothing to do with Grey’s Anatomy, anything “private”, or anything which might conceivably be considered a “practice”.

Production support courtesy of no one. 

If you take issue with any of this, please don’t hesitate to scribble it all furiously with a red felt tip pen, and fax it somewhere.